How to Cure Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder marked by interrupted breathing, gasping for breath and heavy snoring. During the night, you are likely to experience pauses in breathing, sometimes even up to 30 times in a single hour. This condition leaves you feeling exhausted and irritable during the day, and affects your quality of life. Long-term […]

How Your Sleeping Position Can Reveal Your True Personality

It may sound silly to think that the position in which you sleep may reveal what type of personality you have. Actually, studies have shown that certain personality types tend to sleep in specific positions. In the following, I’ll describe different sleep position meanings as well as sleep position personalities. Some of the different sleep […]

What You Absolutely Must Know Before You Get a CPAP or Corrective Surgery for Snoring or Sleep Apnea

Snoring is a very common problem for American adults, affecting over 40 million men and women every night. While it’s a bothersome nuisance and maybe even a little hilarious, it can actually be dangerous. When a person snores, they are actually going without air for long periods of time. When a person goes without breathing several […]