Cancer – Types of Treatment Available Today

There are various options available for the treatment of cancer. Your Doctor decides on the right treatment for you depending on the type of cancer you have developed, and at what stage your cancer has been detected. Doctors also take into consideration the possible side effects you suffer as a result of the treatment and […]

New Cancer Treatment Techniques: Antibody Drug Conjugate & Peptide Drug Conjugations

The efforts to find a cure for cancers have been ongoing since long time ago. Yet, no effective methods or drugs are discovered by now. Scientists and doctors never stop their steps along this journey with the pains and sufferings of cancer patients echoing in their minds. But with the advance in science and technology, […]

What Does Guilt Have To Do With Cancer?

Guilt is sadly a function of one of the biggest illusions on Earth, namely than man is sinful. If you sin (and you must, for otherwise you wouldn’t be human), you must be punished. And the extent of the punishment always corresponds to the amount of guilt you feel. The guiltier you feel (regardless of […]

Cancer and Faith in God

For millions of people around the globe, cancer is seen as devastating, both physically and psychologically. Because of the extensive prevalence of the disease worldwide and the uncertainty and severe unpleasantness of the most common treatments it has more than deserved the epithet, “dread disease“. Many people can identify with the disease, either as a direct […]